• September 25, 2020 1:44 am
  • Tamil Nadu


My beautiful Persian kitten is 10 months old, female. She has not been spayed. She is amazingly adorable, well behaved, always uses her litter box (I’ve never seen her do her business outside her litter box, ever). She is playful and healthy. I’ve fed her Royal Canine dry and wet foods all these months, resulting in her gorgeous and soft hair. She has a lovely energy and is very adaptable. She has been vaccinated (4 vaccinations to be precise) and her health record book is up to date. I’m selling her only because I’ve received a new assignment where I need to travel out of the country many times in the coming year. I have thought through all the options for her, from putting her in a cattery when I’m away to getting her to travel with me which is nearly impossible in these times. Therefore with a heavy heart, I decided that the best solution for her is to give her to a home that deserves her, a family that needs her more than I do and will welcome her into their home as a new family member. If you’re looking for an adorable and well trained kitten(almost adult cat) into your home, and you will promise to love her as a family member, I will be very happy to have a conversation with you and share more about this lovely Persian, who will brings loads of joy into your hearts.

If I’m convinced that you are the right person for her, then I will be happy to include all her toys, her litter box, her travel box, her bed, hammock and her treats in the price.

Only genuinely serious people reach out to me please.

Thank you.


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